Playtime Nudes Presents: Heather Vandeven 2

Released at: May 15, 2009 by Playtime Video
Heather Vandeven is your fitness instructor. This workout will focus on the forearms and hand muscles. Meaning, you are going to beat your meat! Heather slides off the work out suit and gets naked leaving her tube socks on and gives you something to work with. She crawls around on all fours and then spreads her pussy open to pink. She grabs the camera for some one on one time with you and then gives more jack off instructions before breaking out her dildo. She tells you to imagine that you are her dildo and then she takes your workout real deep real fast. Heather is cute with pigtails and you're her naughty sugar daddy. She's all dolled up in a sexy white tie top, pink baby doll shorts and little lace socks. She teases you with peek a boo shots of her little pussy. The shorts come off and she climbs up on the kitchen table. With her ass up in the air she sucks on her thumb and then spreads it all open for you. She begs for you to beat off all over her and calls you big daddy while she fucks her pink dildo on the kitchen table. Heather is horny and in the mood to put you in your place. Heather bends that ass over in your face and tells you to beat that little dick. She tells you to shove her heel up your ass and then shames you for doing it. Her black bustier comes off and in only her stockings she breaks out her dildo to show you how to tease yourself. Your pain is my pleasure she says. She slaps that cock around and bends it as if to break it and then tosses it aside before slammin' two fingers up her pink wet hole.

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