Popular Girl Has You Worship Farts+Ass

Released at: December 29, 2020 by FeliciaPlease
OMG. Another custom fart fantasy brought to life by me (and filmed by Puck!). I am the most popular girl in school and I invite you, the biggest dork, over after school to talk to me about something. I show you the loveletter you sent me and tell you I have a great opportunity for you- you are going to have the pleasure of being my ass slave, forever! And homework slave, and anything else my heart desires. I have you get up close to my ass to have a taste- and FART on you! I hold you there and fart and fart and make you swear you won't leave. I talk on the phone to my friends and answer FB messages all the while berating you for being the little ass slave you are, farting and farting. I am super bitchy, bratty, mean, and gassy! See EXTREME close ups of my asshole flexing and farting in your face, and views of me looking back at you on the receiving end of me

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