POV Cuckold Vol. 16

Released at: March 4, 2015 by Roman Video
Sweet, petite brunette Casey Cumz is your 19 year old step-daughter. You accidentally walk in on her while she's naked and masturbating. You ask if she wants anything... and she does. YOU! Before you can stop her, she's pulling your cock out of your pants and playing with it. She's been fantasizing about fucking you. Don't you want to? She won't tell her mom, she promises. You tell her it's wrong, but your cock sliding in and out of her wet mouth thinks differently. She continues to seduce you in her whispery, shy little-girl voice (she's really 19 you remind yourself) as she thrusts her fingers deep and fast into her wet pussy. She swirls her tongue around your raging erection and soon your promising to do anything for her... including fucking only her. She climbs on top of you and you scream with ecstasy as you enter her. "Isn't my pussy tighter and wetter than mom's?" she asks. You pound her passionately, excited and terrified you'll be found out. After you cum, Casey locks your wilted dick in a chastity device. She hangs the key to the lock around her neck and teases you with it. She gets you to promise to do anything for her. Later, she returns from a big date carrying a huge LOAD OF CUM from her boyfriend in her pussy and pink panties. She orders you to your knees to suck up every drop of the slimy mess. Days later, you watch silently and obediently as she FUCKS HER BOYFRIEND on your bed. "This is how a pussy is supposed to get fucked!" she tells you as his huge cock slams into her tiny body. They fuck doggy style, cowgirl, on their sides. Wildly, then romantically, then wild again as he unleashes a giant load of semen into her pussy. Your freshly-fucked step-daughter lies back and commands you to lick up the gooey creampie. It's the only way she'll let you out of the chastity device so you agree.

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