POV Cuckold Vol. 41

Released at: July 13, 2015 by Roman Video
Your hot, dominant wife, Sienna Savage twists you around her finger. She sucks your cock and gets you to agree to her desire to fuck other guys. She slaps your cock when you balk at her insistence that you suck their cum from her pussy. Your resistance is short-lived. Soon she has your dick locked in a chastity device and she goes out to meet another guy. After leaving you locked up for two weeks, she returns from a date with a pussy gushing with another man's semen. She orders you to suck it out of her, threatening you with never getting out of chastity if you don't comply. Later, she brings her boyfriend home and fucks him on your bed while you watch. They laugh at you, crouching naked before them with your penis in chastity. They both cum multiple times while fucking in multiple positions, taunting you the entire time. Sienna sits on your face, commanding you to suck all the cum from her pussy and ass. Finally, she releases your dick. She sucks it, but harshly slaps it whenever you try to touch it. At last, you get to fuck your wife. She can't even feel your tiny dick inside her, but you can certainly feel all her boyfriend's remaining cum squishing around. She has to fantasize about him, just to experience any pleasure while she rides you.

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