Pretty Girls #118: Becky

Released at: February 12, 2010 by HotOldmovies
Just the sight of Becky gives all the boys around her a stiffy. This guy that stars in the film with her should count his lucky stars to be chosen by this temptress. He can't help but worship her pussy until it becomes dripping wet, soon he can't take it anymore and bends her over and gives her his big hard cock. This was originally shot on 8mm film (in color). **Original Liner Notes:**Sumptuous Becky is a vixen who can turn her charms and render the most Spartan man helpless. She parades her irresistible body before him, inviting him to partake of its pleasures. And partake he does, in a frenzy of passion, until Becky drains every last drop of cum from him.

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