Pros 2

Released at: February 23, 2005 by DVSX
This follow-up to the original fuck-umentary goes beyond the street whores and hookers in the first of the series, and delves into the elite brothels of the wealthiest clientele...Where the stakes are high, the girls are immaculate, and the sex is sizzling hot. Once you've had a true PRO, the only place to go is up, so PROs 2 takes you to the next level on your journey towards finding the ultimate sexual experience. Choose from 8 gorgeous girls in 6 steaming scenes. Lay your money down and get the best that the upper echelon has to offer. Have your way with the best in the business, and become a regular amongst the most sought after girls in the industry. PRO's 2 takes you there and delivers the goods quickly and conveniently, without strings, without commitments and without fail. This series brings you the hottest of the hot, at your beckon call. - Guy Capo

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Scene1: 00:02:08 - 00:22:33 (20:25)

Scene2: 00:22:44 - 00:39:18 (16:34)

Scene3: 00:39:25 - 01:03:36 (24:11)


Shy Love

Scene4: 01:03:43 - 01:21:43 (18:00)

Scene5: 01:21:51 - 01:37:29 (15:38)

Scene6: 01:37:34 - 02:03:10 (25:36)