Put It To Good Use

Released at: November 1, 2022 by Fantasy Massage
Masseuse Skye Blue finishes setting up two massage tables and welcomes her clients, Ana Foxxx and lovely Kuleana. They are there for a couple's massage for their anniversary. Skye massages the wives, but its very difficult for Skye to concentrate on ANYTHING but the wives' curvy asses. The wives discover the reason that Skye is so distracted. Skye is embarrassed and apologetic, but the wives assure her it's fine. They even offer to help clear her head with a threesome. How generous of them! Masseuse April Olsen is surprised when a bolster is delivered to the massage parlor. She hadn't ordered the bolster, but she doesn't want it to go to waste Her next client, Casey Calvert arrives and agrees to try it. As April massages Casey, they both start to understand the advantages of the new angle... especially when April focuses on Casey's ass. April starts to become flustered herself, and offers to make today's massage an EXTRA special one. Two teen best friends, Alexis Tae and Scarlit Scandal can't get any rest as they both toss and turn in bed. They're both so tense and restless that Alexis suggests brushing Scarlit's hair to relax. Although it starts off innocent enough, there is no denying the chemistry between them. That growing heat leads to Alexis giving Scarlit a sensual scalp massage, which only fires them up even more. When Scarlit accidentally moans, giving away just how much she's enjoying the scalp massage, that's when Alexis makes her move.

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