Queening His Face

Released at: May 16, 2015 by Femdom Empire
Mistress Kleio Valentien sits on her throne; her slave is in his rightful place... his face is under her ass. Mistress teases him with her itty bitty latex thong, she order he stick his tongue out and lick her panties. Kleio rubs her pussy against his tongue turning herself on more and more every time his warm tongue touches her clit. She removes her panties and has her slave orally service her cunt. She rubs against his face until she cums. Mistress August Ames has reduced her boyfriend into her slave boy-toy. She has locked a humbler around his balls and is making him to crawl; the dildo attached to his face completes his humiliation. She strokes the cock on his face "Do you want to fuck me?" August slides the cock inside her tight pink pussy while she rubs her clit. "Do you like staring at and pleasing the pussy you won't get?" August cums on the dildo right in front of his face, and the denied horny sub is humiliated. She removes the dildo from his face and lets him suck the cock clean, the taste of denial. The only purpose a slave's tongue is good for is licking his Mistress's cunt and ass. Mistress Cameron Dee puts her bitch in his place making him service her horny, wet pussy until she cums all over his face. No orgasms allowed for slaves! Mistress Summer Brielle is as dominant as she is beautiful, and males naturally want to obey and follow her orders. Mistress Summer loves having her pussy licked and worshiped, she straddles her slave's face and orders he worship her cunt. She pulls his hair and gyrates her pussy over his mouth telling him just how to eat her pussy to make her cum. Her pussy gets more and more wet after each orgasm, the slave gets so turned on from eating her pussy, but he is left denied with blue balls. Bratty 18 yr old Rachele Richey orders her pet to show his devotion by worshipping her divine ass. She pulls his face deep between his cheeks laughing as he gasps for air. She sits on his face full weight and orders he lick her ass deeper! She orders he lick every inch of her perfect ass licked.

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