Rain of Cum

Released at: November 2, 2022 by Only3x
Just another sunny day on the great island of Tenerife. Perfect day for cleaning the pool area - thought Regio Bravo, and so he did these chores. Little did he know that Bella Modele watches him from the window. She finds him very sexy and attractive and she just can't stand doing nothing about it. So she acted on her horniness. Walking over to him is just the first step. She wants all of his body to take her over right there, right now. That guy is just mediocre suprised, not that much - she is a hottie afterall so it is just human nature to accept the approach of this sexual nature. She starts off with some hard deepthroat-like blowjob, but it does not last long. Being wet from being horny is something they need to take advantage of quickly. And so they start to fuck immediately on the outdoor couch. The sunny open setting just perfectly lays out the figures of this 20 something italian hottie. Awesome fit curves, just the right size of boobs and a mesmerizing smile offers the full package really. We even get to see her round perfect ass in one of those many positions they experience together. At the end they finish in missionary pose with herself jumping on her knees ro catch all the drips possible from the cumshot he produces. She seems surprised by the amount of load she gets but hey - she asked for it!

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