Roxy Jezel: Shagaholic

Released at: November 23, 2007 by Club Jenna
A disturbing and compelling, introspective examining the emotionally complex inner lives of five post-adolescent wannabes, chasing fame and stardom in the underbelly of Hollywood. Roxy Jezel came to tinsel town on a plane from the East End of London with dreams of becoming a leading lady, but never imagined she'd be the star attraction at a strip club instead. Jonathon practiced playing guitar until his fingers bled. All of his friends in Ohio were sure he'd be a Metal God one day. Not a small-time pot dealer dating a stripper. Emily, a simple girl with big dreams... Little did she know her wishes would come true. Tanya always knew she was different, but never dreamed she'd fall in love with a woman. She came to Los Angeles to escape an abusive husband, and traded one dead end life in Missouri for another in Paradise. Looking back now, they all would have done something different.

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