Sami's Stellar Lollipop

Released at: August 5, 2022 by SwallowBay
It's time to meet a girl who always gets what she wants, especially when the thing this chic desires is a stiff, throbbing cock deep insider her flooded pussy. Sami is a woman who knows what she has and this babe is not afraid to use it to her advantage. Take one look at this horny brunette and her big tits are going to have you begging to get her clothes off. Luckily, you won't have to wait very long to get a better view. Her fishnets come off just as easily as they go on and there's never a reason for her to delay the inevitable. Her throat is already all warmed up and your dick is about to meet its new best friend in the world. sit back and relax while her mouth massage gets you from flaccid to ready to blow in about three seconds flat. Her mouth massage is one of the best that you'll get the chance to experience but it's not really you that she's doing it for. Sucking a guy off and getting a nice protein shake to snack on is nice and all, but Sami's asian pussy is just as friendly as her mouth and it's in the mood to have a friend over. You're only job is to last long enough for her to take back her warm, sexy mouth and replace it with the kind of inviting pussy that pulls you in as soon as you get past the lips. It's tight and wet and her swollen clit is ready to send her flying over the edge into a shaking orgasm that makes you drop every last drop of cum you have. The suck off was just the beginning and, now that she has you hard and ready to blow, it's Sami's time to get what this cutie wants.

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