Scarlett 2

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
**"Too Hot Too Hairy; featuring Scarlett** - Scarlett is too hot. Literally, too hot. Even after she gets all the way naked, she's stillSO hot. She tries to cool her hairy body with a fan but it's just not working. Rodney has a solution! He rubs down her hot, hairy body with an ice cube. He rubs it all over her especially where where all that hair keeps her warm. But she's STILL hot. Maybe she just needs something to take her mind off of how hot she is. Maybe if she sucks Rodney's cock, she won't think about the heat. She gives Rodney a drool-filled blow job. Slobber soaks her tits and her hairy pussy but at least she's not hot anymore. She rubs herdrool into her thick bush. Then plunges her fingers deep into her wet pussy. Then it's back to more intense cock-sucking. Rodneycums in her mouth and all over her lips. Maybe all that spunk will finally keep her cool!

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