Selena Solo

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
**"Hot & Hairy!; featuring Selena** - Hello, I'm Selena. I'm enjoying this beautiful day on this Seattle rooftop. However it's getting really hot out here so let's go inside. When I get really hot like this, all of my thick body hair starts to get really curly. Check out my curly, long armpit hair. Would you like to see my nice perky breasts as well? Knowing you are adoring my hirsute body is really turning me on. I think I will have to start playing with myself. Come get a good close look at my massive muff while my fingers massage my hairy pussy. I've got a big dildo to play with too. Let me get it nice and wet before I shove my big toy up my tight hairy hole. With one hand working my furry clit and the other ramming my dildo in my hairy pussy, I pleasure myself into complete ecstasy.

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