Sex POV #6

Released at: October 7, 2020 by Eros Arts
Scene One: You Must Really Want To Keep Your Job - You appear a little nervous. You should be. I don't call just anyone into my office except those with poor work performance who are about to get canned. You heard me right; you are very close to losing your job. I've decided to keep you around as my own personal play toy. Get down on the floor at my feet and worship them. I know they stink after being in stockings all day. Suck my toes and start stroking your cock. I want your cock rigid. When I lift my skirt I want your face buried in my pussy. Suck my clit. Oh god, you need better skills you're boring me. I want your cock now. Thrust that hard cock in me and do it deep. I like it hard and fast. Make me cum so I can get rid of all my stress that being your boss causes me. Ok, no bury your face in my ass and eat it. Every day you're going to lick my ass and munch it as you tell me how much you enjoy my scent. You will do whatever I tell you if you want to keep your job. Oh no, you don't get to cum today. You have to earn your orgasm. You're such a good obedient slave my little office bitch. Alright, I'm done with you. Tomorrow report to my office at the same time but for now, get the fuck out of my office. Scene Two: You're Still In The Friend Zone - It's great hanging out with you all the time. You are like the best friend a girl could have even though you're a guy. Problem is that I hang out with you so much I don't have time to meet any potential boyfriends. I am uber horny so you get to come out of the friendzone only to satisfy my need for sex right now. I will lay down the ground rules though and you have to do exactly as I say. This may only happen once so you better do it good. I already had my orgasm I think so you're gonna have to finish yourself off. Oh wow! When I told you to finish yourself that wasn't an invitation to make a mess on me! Scene Three: My Boobs Are Too Big For My Shirt - Oh dad I'm so glad to see you are back from your trip! Usually when you go places you bring me back a present cause you're the best stepdad ever! So what did you bring me this time? I like this cute tank top, it's pink, my favorite color. I want to try it on so cover your eyes, no peaking daddy. Oh no, there is a problem. My boobs are too big for this top. It feels like my boobs are being squished inside the shirt. You know my size so why would you buy me something so small? Oh now I get it. You WANT to see my big boobs squished inside a shirt. Is that why there is a big bulge in your pants? Let me see what's in your pants. I'll show you my big boobs without the shirt on. I've been wanting your dick for a long time so now is the perfect time without mom here. It's ok to want your cock in my mouth; we're both adults who happen to be attracted to each other. You can fuck my big boobs before you stick it in my wet young pussy. I know my pussy will feel much better than my mom's old sloppy hole. Fuck me like that daddy. I want to climb on you and ride it. Oh it feels so big in there stretching me out. You can't cum inside me so do you want to cream my boobs? I'll let you squirt your cum on my big boobs. I want to see your cum on me. Mmmm, that was so much fun! Thanks again for the present daddy! Scene Four: I Wish I Married You - I see what a good husband you are to my sister and it makes me wish I could have married you. You won't believe what gift my husband gave me for our fourth wedding anniversary. Look at this ridiculous talking fish that he gave me! I mean I know we have a lot of laughs and inside jokes together, but in your opinion is this an appropriate gift for a hot wife like me? I feel like I am holding up pretty damn well and dress myself to be the sexy woman I am. It's a shame my sister hasn't taken good care of herself. You really deserve to be with someone as attractive as you are don't you think? I'm not trying to bag on my sister or break up our marriages, I'm simply suggesting a little exciting fun between family.

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