Sex Wrestling Volume 2

Released at: May 13, 2015 by Joan Wise Productions
Watch as a hot-blooded young couple roughhouse for a bit of foreplay! Watch the playful start quickly change to vigorous, erotic wrestling. Then see how the Claudia uses her thighs and crotch to beat him into "you wanted sex and now I'm hot and ready". You'll see facesitting, breast smothers, cock pulling and grabbing, ball mashing, and head/body scissors. As all of this is going on you'll witness steamy '69' action. And when she is hot and ready for his rampant manhood, she sits herself on his throbbing cock for an exciting ride before he rolls her over and fucks her to climax. To send you over the edge you'll witness the raging stud shoot across her now sexually satisfied body. This video goes all the way in wrestling lust and steamy sex and climaxes before your eyes.

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