Silicon Valley Nerd Sex

Released at: September 10, 2018 by Private
Gorgeous geeks let their inner wild side out in Privates fuck fuelled tech fest, Sillicon Valley, Nerd Sex! The hot Elle Rose gets things started with a hardcore session with Luke Hotrod and her skills are matched by the vicious Latina Baby Nicols; this slutty gamer shoes how she handles big joy-sticks. The fun doesnt stop there, these girls are joined by cock sucking experts Mary Rock, Brianna Banderas, Nelly Kent & debutant Daniella Margot who gets broken in with some hardcore anal! Complete with cos play antics and some wild pussy riding, this nerd fest turns into a certified sex fest; just make sure you tune in.

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Scene1: 00:00:16 - 00:31:11 (30:55)


Elle Rose

Scene2: 00:31:14 - 01:00:29 (29:15)

Scene3: 01:00:36 - 01:32:34 (31:58)

Scene4: 01:32:39 - 01:55:14 (22:35)

Scene5: 01:55:19 - 02:27:37 (32:18)


Nelly Kent