Spanking Pixie Volume 3

Released at: January 29, 2015 by PunishedBrats
Pixie is always getting in trouble! See her get spanked with the hand, strap, belt, and wooden spoon. Will she ever learn to behave? We sure hope not. 1. Little C.E.O. Pixie has made a fortune creating teen oriented websites. Despite being a major brat, everyone is afraid to say no to her because of her wealth and power. Realizing she needs to be reigned in a bit, Pixie asks her assistant Susan to provide her with guidelines and discipline as needed. 2. Speed Strap Veronica just received a photo from the city of Pixie running a red light along with 3 parking tickets and a speeding citations. Pixie never thought she'd get the belt now that she's in college, but Veronica has decided she's more than earned it. 3. Warm Reception Pixie damaged the car and left her sister Juliet to take the blame while she skipped off to Europe for vacation. Her dad Tony realized he'd punished the wrong girl and has been waiting two months to give Pixie the warm reception she deserves. And once he's done, Juliet manages to get a little revenge of her own. 4. Politician Busted Pixie hasn't been running a fair campaign against her competitor Beverly. When Bev's campaign buttons go missing and her posters are covered in graffiti, Headmaster Pierson gives Pixie a dose of the strap for breaking the student honor code. 5. Spanking Comfort Pixie's attitude has gotten her in trouble again. But Veronica is finding that spanking Pixie can be painful. After moving to a chair with better back support, Veronica grabs a wooden spoon to exact Pixie's punishment. No sense in stressing her back or her hand when it's Pixie's bottom that should be paying the price. 6. Favorite Author Pixie shows up uninvited at the doorstep of her favorite author, George Richards. After barging right into his home, George spanks his obsessive fan and sends her on her way.

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