Steamy Hot Muscle Girls

Released at: April 23, 2015 by Iron Belles
Ms. Extreme Muscle and Emery in an incredible muscle play adventure. Watch as the women both strip down to the buff and worship each others' muscled physiques thoroughly. Close-up shots of muscle pussy, hard thick pecs, clit bouncing on each other, great rear close-ups...if you love to see the nitty gritty of female muscle, than this is for you! Thick muscle and sensual muscle enjoying each others' physiques. Blonde Emery Miller and Ms. Extreme Muscle are having themselves a grand time in bed touching, feeling, kissing on each others' muscles. And Emery just cannot believe her eyes when that big giant clit makes its appearance and stays right in your face! What glory can that be! Ms. Xtreme Muscle and Emery are soooo hot together as they relax and get into each others' muscular physiques in the hot tub. Steamy is another word to put this into perspective! Watch as they kiss, lick on each other, fondle each others' muscle clitties and just totally enrapture each other!

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