Step Mom Fun All Star Edition 9

Released at: October 13, 2019 by Eros Arts
**You should not feel left out:** I didn't expect you to be home right now, obviously. That man was umm, just a friend. So how long were you watching me blow him? Must have been awhile because I see quite a bulge inside your pants. If you don't' say a word of what you saw to your father, I would be more than happy to help you get rid of that nasty erection. It's not so weird is it? I'm only your stepmother. It's ok to be turned on by watching a woman suck on a man's penis. I'm just a little embarrassed that it wasn't your father's cock in my mouth. Oh well, let's take care of your current situation shall we? Go ahead and stroke yourself while I show you a little more of myself. Oh yes, just like that. Wow! I wasn't expecting you to cum so soon! That was quite impressive for your first time with me. I'm sure there will be more fun between us now that we have a secret. **This is so not me:** Oh don't look at me that way. This whole get up is your dads idea of a perfect housewife. He says he wants me wearing an apron when he gets home from work and that doing so will make him very happy. I can't imagine he truly gets enjoyment from seeing me in this ridiculous apron. I feel so damn frumpy. You date a lot of different girls in college right? Is this something you would want any of those cute hot girls to wear? Of course not, this apron is not my idea of sexy. You know what I think is sexy? **I like to tease you:** I've grown quiet fond of our quiet time together. This is the only time I get to put on my pantyhose and feel super sexual. I had no idea when I married your father that you would be open to this but I guess all guys your age are full of raging hormones so any form of nudity is great. I certainly wasn't like this at nineteen so I appreciate you being such a good sport, letting me tease you while wearing my silky pantyhose. Your dad thought I was crazy the first time I mentioned doing this with him. He probably wouldn't even get an erection if I tried playing like this with him. I love the big erection you get for me and that you let me rub my pantyhose feet on your crotch until you cum. This isn't cheating if I never actually touch your cock, is it? **Will you help me measure my buxom breasts?:** I'm so glad you're home because I am so confused by something that happened today. I went bra shopping and my old bra size doesn't fit me. I've worn the same size since I married your father years ago. You've seen my boobs, only in clothes or my swimsuit but tell me, do they seem bigger? I really need your help. I'm going to place this tape measure around my chest and you tell me what the number says. It's real important you read the number correctly. What does it say? Maybe if I take my dress down and measure over my bra only it will give a different number. I think to get the most accurate measurement I must remove my bra as well and measure against my flesh. What to the numbers say when I wrap this measuring tape around each breast? Oh my, I see this has excited you. Well since you are such a good help to me I can help you get some relief from that rock hard erection. Go ahead and stroke yourself as you continue to look at mommies big titties. That's it, just like that. I know you want to cum for me. Make that cock cum for mommie. Oh I see all that cum you just released from your penis, just for me. I'm so proud of you that you let go of all that nasty cum and you helped me find my true breast measurement. Now go clean up before your father comes home and make sure you write than term paper tonight! I want my special boy to be at the top of his college class. **I need some male attention:**It's the weekend and I am all dressed up for a fun night out but your father decides he would rather work. Look at me! I need to go have some fun and feel like an attractive woman! Do you find me attractive? If I were married to you would you take me out and show me off? I think I saw something stir under your bed sheet. Is that erection because of me? I'm certainly not getting any action with your father tonight but you and I can play. I've only been your stepmother for a few years but have watched you grow in to quite the good looking college bound guy. I am flattered you got an almost instant erection for me and your dad has to take a pill to get any reaction. Let's have some quick fun and I'll promise to drain those young balls of all their cum. **Blow your load before you go:** Your dad left me to handle this situation so I am going to deal with it the best way I know how. I have a feeling you aren't going to stop dating that girl you are on your way to see so here is the deal. You are going to leave your load with me before you go out with her. That's right, we meet here in my home office before each date with her as I would rather your cum stay here at home than impregnate a girl like her. So lets hurry up and take care of this problem as Im sure you want to get on with your date. **Rocker mom has the hots for me:** I think it's pretty cute when my stepmom cranks up the 80's rock in the car. It annoys my dad but makes me wish I knew her way back when. I got my chance when she came to my room late night dressed in one of her old concert shirts. She tells me I look a lot like her boyfriend back then. She asks if she could mess around with me the way she used to mess around with him. My dad was asleep down the hall so there was a risk with her being in my bedroom but I didn't care and let her have her way with my dick. She blew me and stroked me til my head was spinning and cum was escaping my cock. I hope my new stepmom has more of these nights when she wants to relive old times with my cock.

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