Sybian Rides 4 Ca$h - Missy Monroe & Michelle Avante

Released at: October 6, 2006 by Eros Arts
Do you prefer blondes or brunettes? Can't decide?? Well, with this video, you won't have to choose. We have a sexy blonde (Missy Monroe) and a sultry brunette (Michelle Avante) to entertain you. Michelle is the one who has answered my ad to ride the Sybian, but she's brought along her friend Missy for support. Very early you'll see that Michelle is really getting into the powerful vibrations. She's giggling quite a lot as I continue to crank the Sybian up and down. Missy asks if she can take control of the vibration, so I let her try it. For another $100, Michelle is more than eager to remove her camisole top for me...and she gets an additional bit of spending cash, too. I have taken back control of the vibration...after all; I am an expert in manipulating girls on the Sybian. It is all about teasing them until they are ready to beg for an orgasm. During this shoot, I have a little help in teasing this pretty young starlet: Missy licks, sucks, and caresses Michelle, as the vibrations grow more intense. Eventually Missy decides that she wants to try the Sybian, too, but she starts out without her top so that you can see her all-natural tits. She hasn't had a good orgasm in a while, so I'll have to try to help her. Michelle returns the favor and licks and kisses Missy as I tease her pussy with the vibrations. She tells me that she has a very large, very sensitive clit (she certainly does!). With Missy's panties now removed, she can really get into how good her clit feels. What makes her feel even better, though, is Michelle licking her ass and spanking it a little. How many times will these girls cum? Watch and see for yourself! After they have both had their fill of the Sybian, I let them go at it with each other. There's kissing, licking, sucking, facesitting, and a whole bunch of naughty girl-girl action!

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