Taboo Casting Calls #9

Released at: June 19, 2017 by Desperate Pleasures
We make these cash hungry girls a simple offer; make us cum in a certain amount of time and we'll give them money. Fail to get us to pop off before time expires and the only reward they'll be receiving is a load of warm cum! **Bunnie Hughes** 19 year old Bunnie Hughes is looking to make some extra money. She responded to one of our ads and we set up a meeting. Bunni was very eager when I walked in and got out of her clothes. When she found out there wasn't any paid work she asked me if there was anything she could do. Bunnie agreed to the blowjob challenge and was on her knees in no time. Try as she might Bunnie didn't beat the cock and ended up with a warm facial. **Zoe Parker** Zoe Parker was looking to make a comeback to porn after college so she started going to interviews. Lucky for us she set one up with a neighboring studio and showed up early. I snuck in and she thought I was the casting director. I got her to strip out of her clothes pretty quick and soon had her sucking my dick for a "challenge". Zoey did her best to be sure but in the end she wound up with a massive mess all over her chest and nothing to show for it. **Lexxxus Adams** 19 year old Lexxxus is trying to expand her career so she responded to a casting call. When she showed up she was eager to please and willing to do whatever it takes. As soon as she finds out it's not a paid gig that day she asks for any extra work and boom she's doing our BJ challenge like a champ. Lexxxus enjoys sucking cock way too much to beat the clock but after she took a massive load for absolutely nothing she was pretty pissed.

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Zoe Parker

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