Taboo Creampies 4

Released at: May 12, 2016 by Desperate Pleasures
Zoey Parker ? When I got home from being away at college, I found my brother sleeping in my bed. I told him I was home and wanted my room back while I'm home. He looked a little upset, so I decided to make it up to him. I started sucking his cock and then I started riding him. It was so intense my brother lost it and came inside me. Later that day, Daddy came home and I was waiting for him. When he walked in it didn't take long for us to start catching up on lost time. Daddy touched me just the right ways to make me melt in his hands. He took me right there on his bed! Cassidy Blanc ? While my parents were out, I went and stayed at my uncle Jay's. I went out partying one night and came home and crashed on top of the covers. A good bit bit later, I was awakened by Uncle Jay stumbling into my bed. I didn't think anything of it at first, until Uncle Jay started rubbing my breasts and slid a hand in my shorts. His rubbing and kissing made me so horny I couldn't stop myself. Uncle Jay licked my hairy pussy until I came all over his face. We tumbled into a 69 and both of us were going at it like high school virgins. Uncle jay and I fucked all over the bed! Zoey Carter ? In a weird turn of events, I found out my Uncle Jay is really my daddy! My now Uncle Phil caught Daddy and I fucking. I was so embarrassed! But when he told me who my daddy really was, I was completely shocked! I couldn't believe I had been screwing my daddy this whole time! But what's done is done, so I pursued daddy and told him I want to start a family. He said he would be happy to help, so I got on his cock and started riding my daddy! It always feels so good when he fills my little pussy with cum!

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