TabooPOV 15

Released at: July 26, 2018 by Eros Arts
**Shower time with Daddy.** My step-daughter is 18 now and I ended up letting her jerk me off and it was so fucking hot. Then a couple days later, she came and got in the shower with me like a sweet little sudsy angel. I know! I need to stop. But her young tight body, pretty face and youthful giggle make me want to take it to the next level. I don't know how strong I can be. She asked if she could get it. I figured I would just help her get clean. But all I wanted to do was be very dirty. I rubbed soap on her perky breasts and nipples. Her perfect ass looks like her moms did 15 years ago, but better. Sliding my fingers into her tight wet slit cleaning it like a good daddy does. Washing her ass, going deep between her cheeks makes me so hard I could explode then and there. Teasing me and jerking my cock off with her ass cheeks. Hotdogging me between her ass crack. Grinding on me, all but begging me to fuck her. I had to kick her out before I went too far and slide deep inside her stretching her tiny young pussy. I don't know how much longer I can hold out. **Step-daughter Wants to Make a Deal** I came home at 3am last night and my step-dad caught me. I see the way he looks at me. I know he wants me. And to honestly I want him too. I also don't want him to tell my Mom that I came home late and have her ground me and take all my shit away. I'm pretty sure I can get him to keep his mouth shut and have a lot of fun too! I love to have fun! I told him if he didn't say anything I'm sure we could work something out. I could see his cock bulge in his pants instantly. Pulling him out and putting him straight in my mouth. He tasted so good. Getting naked so he could finally see the body I had been flaunting in front of him every chance I got since coming of age. After I tasted him I knew I had to have him deep inside me, stretching my tight young pussy with his daddy dick from behind felt so good. Turning over so he could see how pretty the pussy he was owning looked while he filled it over and over. Watching my perky tities bounce til he made me gush all over his cock. Daddy liked it so much he came all over my thigh and now we have two secret from mom. **Vacation handjob with my cousin.** I have the hottest cousin! I have had a crush on him since I was a kid. We used to play "Doctor" and even got caught once. We have always flirted, and I have always wondered what his cock looks like now that we are all grown up. I was super excited to go on this big family vacation because I knew he would be there. Marriage only relates us, and it's not like he's my real cousin. Now that we are both all grown up I had to decided it was time to play doctor again. As soon as I got him alone, I went in to say "Good-Night" because I knew everyone else was gone or sleeping. I asked if he remembered playing under the covers when we were kids. I could see him cock bulge through his jeans as soon as I asked. I got him on the bed and pulled his fat hard cock out of his jeans. It made me instantly wet. I jerked and played with him and got naked. I asked if he wanted to cum all over his cousin's tits. I could tell he did. I pulled harder and harder and faster and faster until he came all over my titties. I love family vacations. **Stroking Daddy for a bigger bed.** My horny little step-daughter asked me to buy her a bigger bed so I could fit in it with her. She told me she could hear me fucking her mom at night and that it made her want to mess around with me. She said that she knew we couldn't have sex but she has been very horny and wanted to make me cum. What can I say! I'm a pleaser. Maybe if she does a good enough job, I will get her that bed she wants so bad. She eagerly pulled my cock out after playing with her tiny tits through her shirt. Stroking and jerking it. I could tell it was the biggest one she had ever seen. She is young, but I know she has seen a few. Pulling her shirt off so I could see her sexy barely there tits. Then pulling her little jeans and panties off, leaving her panda socks on jerking my cock so I could look at her pussy the whole time. Such a good girl. Getting on all fours showing me her ass and pussy from behind telling me how much she wishes she could feel me inside her. Then flipping to her back and rubbing the head of my cock up and down her slit while stroking me. Then sitting up and stroking me until I came in her mouth. A perfect little slut. Looks like someone is getting a new bed.

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