TBC 325 - The Tickle Channel 38

Released at: January 15, 2012 by David Mack Video Productions
1. Sexy stripper bound in a bikini and tickled all over, mostly arm pit, stomach, inner thighs and pussy. 2. Briella squirms as her large nipples harden. She nearly cums from the constant attention to her nipples from my fingers and feathers. 3. After I released Briella from her clit and pussy tickling she told me I didn't want to scream because of the neighbors' fuck the neighbors. She does thrash a lot. Next time I will make her scream. 4. Princess Anna tickles Anna Maria with her hands and then with toothbrush vibrators, focusing on armpits, ribs, and stomach. 5. Now it's Princess Anna's turn to be tied and Anna Maria gets her revenge! Merciless rib, stomach, and armpit tickling with fingernails and vibrators. 6. My sexy black pet came over literally this morning to be teased and tickled. She is sexy, horny, and very ticklish! 7. Sexy black girl squirms as I tease her nipples. I get her as close as I can to cumming then tickle her. 8. I use feathers to tickle Tierra's nipples to the edge of orgasm. Just before she cums, her phone goes off. We start over until she has two orgasms and begs for me to tickle her clit. 9. Sexy black model nearly in tears as her pussy is tickled. She rides the edge of orgasm trying to cum. My vibrator gives it to her, tickling her as she cums. She screams as loud as anyone I know.

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David Mack

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