Teen Passion

Released at: May 22, 2022 by Private
Private Specials, Teen Passion opens the door to the paradise that is young and horny teens, eager and excited to explore their sexual desires and you can join them right here, right now! Private.com presents Ann Rice and Mickey More alongside debutants Mary Fox, Stella Flex and Madlen, five gorgeous girls with five amazing scenes that will leave you breathless! These girls may look young and innocent, but they know how to fuck like pros. Get ready to experience the real wild side of these cute teens and watch as they reveal their true selves, ready to suck, fuck and do whatever it takes to please... you won't want to miss a single minute!

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Scene1: 00:01:48 - 00:26:49 (25:01)

Scene2: 00:26:52 - 00:52:23 (25:31)

Scene3: 00:52:25 - 01:16:20 (23:55)

Scene4: 01:16:23 - 01:40:19 (23:56)

Scene5: 01:40:22 - 02:00:35 (20:13)