Teeny Tanya

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
**"Pint Size Pussy "** featuring Teeny Tanya & Rodney Moore - Small but sexy Teeny Tanya is bored while Rodney is on the phone with business. When he finally gets off the phone, she seduces him with her succulent tits and hairy snatch. He carries her wee body from the desk to the couch where he throws her tiny legs up over her head. He licks her furry clit before shoving hismassive cock into her pint-sized pussy. He pounds her tight midget muff hard. He even gets a hot foot fuck when he rubs his rod between her tiny feet. Rodney decides she hasn't sucked his cock enough today so he gives her a good smack on the rear. Eager to please, she wraps her lips around his big dick and starts sucking. He rewards her with a monster Rodney Blast to the face.

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