The Damned

Released at: July 8, 2021 by Sin City
In a world of opulent hedonism, the idle rich rub shoulders with gangsters, freaks and deviants of all kinds. Enter Shawn and Rikki, two reckless, young criminals who take what they want and use who they need for money and kicks. They work their scam at high-end swing parties, seducing spoiled, beautiful perverts then jacking them for their wallets and jewelry. They've been lucky so far, living fast outside the law, but fate has a way of watching up with everyone. When these two hardened criminals fall in love, the sparks fly and their lucky might finally run out. Sex sensation Shyla Styles and the sizzling Sondra Hall lead this pack of hedonistic thrill-seekers and immoral sex freaks on a journey through the dark side of twisted sex and absolute decadence.

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