The Great American Spank-Off

Released at: February 9, 2020 by Wasteland Studios
What happens when you put two of the "toughest" butts in one house... and add two of the world's best spankers into the mix? What happens is The Great American Spankoff. After our recent "Being Keith Jones Trilogy" movie shoot, we had a "wrap" party at a private home in New England. The entire cast was there, relaxing, shooting a few of our "spanklets," and ? dare we say it ? maybe having a bit too much wine with dinner? Whatever the reason, Erica Scott and Sierra Salem, two of our favorite actresses, could not help comparing their own tolerances. Erica knows she holds the current title in spankingland as "Miss Bionic Butt" ? but young Sierra is no slouch... The inevitable happened ? a challenge was issued ? and it was, well, downhill from there. Keith Jones and Steve Fuller were called onto the scene, cameras and sound were set up, our own dear Isobel Wren was called on to EmCee the event, and... we were "Ready to Redden." You don't want to miss what happens when the toughest butt in spankland issues a challenge to the hottest newcomer. This DVD is somewhat different than our other productions. It was ? as you will see ? completely impromptu, filmed literally on the spur of the moment after a long weekend of partying and spanking. It's totally unscripted ? and totally hilarous. We have judges, announcers, and LOTS and LOTS of spanking. If you like "LESS TALK, MORE SPANK" this movie is 72 minutes of literally pure competitive spanking ? two tough butts, two great spankers, a bag full of "toys" and ? we're ready to redden!

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