The Sleakness

Released at: February 2, 2010 by Fatal Femdom Movies
This big transvestite has shaved herself all sleek for Mistress Gemini. She takes this big sexy bitch and plays with her breasts and attacks her clit. Then this sissy is bent over and Gemini plugs her binds her nuts up tight and leads her around with a leash attached to this sluts nuts. This sissy really just wants cock and after Gemini teases her by letting her suck Mistress' strap-on, Gemini makes the sissy earn the privilege through pain! The sissy is bent over and spanked and flogged with a fine testicle cropping. Then she is strung up and whipped and flogged. Finally this sissy gets the strap-on and earns the gift or release as long as she eats her cum of course!

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