Toe Jam

Released at: April 4, 2013 by Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Ariel is in charge of the action for 28 full minutes as she makes two male sluts service each other. Face sitting and smothering and lots of humiliation as they lick and such each other to please the blonde mistress. She fucks one up the ass and one male gets cock into the other for a bit of thrusting action. A nice cum shot on her perfectly manicured toes is sucked off by one of the pigs. Nice POV Mistress Ariel stands tall and stomps the cock of the first lave into the mouth of the second as he is bound on his back. She has him service cock then straps on and fucks him with a rubber cock as he licks and sucks the balls in his face. She rotates and sits on his face for tongue service and smothering while the slave is sucking his cock hard with her feet wrapped around his head. He gets hard enough to fuck the one on his back for a short time and then wilts. She swaps them and face sits again and has her pussy worshipped while the one that took up the ass sucks cock and licks balls at her command. Her gorgeous feet reach out and a load of cum splatter on her red painted toes. She orders the slave on his knees to lick the cum up.

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