Released at: August 21, 2008 by Wicked Pictures
While a Midwest town grapples with a string of alarming murders, Dr. Grimes attempts to assist local detectives by developing a suspect profile. It seems that a beautiful woman is on a killing spree with no end in sight. But not everything is as it seems... Timid by nature, Tess (Stormy Daniels) is a small town girl living a life of simplicity. She keeps her modest hopes and dreams hidden away until a chance meeting with Jeff (Marcus London) forces her to face the past. As she confronts emotions deep within, a disturbing truth begins to emerge. One that jeopardizes any chance of a promising future together...and maybe even her very existence. Can detectives uncover the truth behind their serial murderer before she strikes again? And will Tess come to terms with her troubling past...Only two people have the answers...

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