UK Student House Volume 9

Released at: May 12, 2017 by MSS Interactive
Kat the foreign exchange student decides to find out what british men are really like, she picks two guys up and back at the house she soon finds out what british cock is really like, as she gets taken in her pussy and arse culminating in a dp session. Kat is eager to tell her two girlfriends jo and vicky what she did with the two guys the night before. The girls are soon very turned on listening to her experiences and are soon showing her what british girls are like in an amazing 3 girl lesbian scene experimenting with some interesting new toys. James is working out with Paige in the gym putting the rowing machine to some unusual use. The beautiful liga interrupts them wanting a hand with her homework but shes surprised as to the kind of hand both james and paige have in mind for her as they set about corrupting this young innocent student. One of the students has invited her two friends to play strip poker but if jazz is having his way it will soon be shag poker. As the two girls get naked, jazz gets hard and they are soon fucking each other including the gorgeous ebony getting both holes filled at the same time with a cock and a strap on.

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Jazz Duro