Vivien Bell

Released at: February 18, 2015 by Femorg
Wearing short white shorts and a black tank top, Vivien Bell looks cute, sexy, and just HOT. Her tummy is adorned with a dangly piercing and her breasts are all natural with dark, somewhat puffy nipples. Her tank top and shorts are slowly removed as Vivien turns her ass to the camera. She is wearing white, satin, thong panties and she looks very nice indeed. She peels off her panties, turning around to show off her perfectly shaved pussy. Still standing, she fondles and caresses her body before sitting down and getting quite intimate with the magic wand vibrator! She places her lovely bare bottom on a glass topped side table and works her pussy with the magic wand. It leaves Vivien moaning and panting in ecstasy. Her sounds intensify as she rocks back and forth on the table top, getting herself off... Vivien is wearing a lovely green bra and panty set and is stripping in the bedroom for us. She slowly removes her sexy little undergarments, letting her long, brunette hair cascade down her back. After Vivien has fondled and caressed and sufficiently "warmed up", she turns on the pink fairy wand vibrator. She props her head on the pillows and props the toy on her pussy. As she toys, her pussy and labia become nice and pink! Vivien clutches her inner thigh, rocking and rotating her hips as she enjoys her time with the toy. As her pussy gets pinker, Vivien stretches and arches her back, moaning and panting as she cums. She dips a finger into her vagina after to spread a little juice around as she bites her bottom lip. Vivien Bell looks like a nicely wrapped little Christmas present in white, barely there, lingerie with a little red plaid fringe and satin bow. She is standing in the living room, slowly unwrapping herself for us. Once all of Vivien's goodies are "revealed", she settles into the chair, smiling at the camera as she fondles her breasts and massages her pussy. She licks her fingers, lubricating her pussy and rubbing her clitoris. Vivien's toy of choice this time is the little green pocket rocket. Vivien drapes her long, red high-heel clad feet and legs over the sides of the chair as she enjoys the powerful little pocket rocket. Vivien takes her time working the toy but her vocalizations begin to increase as she very firmly presses the toy onto her clitoris as she cums. She seems sensitive after that one! She turns off the little toy to touch her pussy as the camera moves in for a closeup. Vivien is kneeling on the bed in a bright multi-coloured bodysuit. She smiles at the camera as she caresses her nice body and strips for us. Vivien props herself up on soft, baby blue pillows at the top of the white covered bed as she settles back with the magic wand. She works the toy up and down over and around her clitoris and pussy, softly moaning from time-to-time. Vivien's hips begin to rise and fall and rotate from side-to-side as she enjoys the toy. She lifts her head off the pillows, panting, as this orgasm overtakes her. Her feet lift off the bed as she clutches her breast, moaning and grunting. She turns off the toy, lying back to catch her breath.

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