What Will The Neighbors Think?!

Released at: June 21, 2022 by Girlsway

Two wives, Ryan Keely, and Lilly James discuss the new cleaning girl who will be arriving soon - Freya Parker, a neighbor's daughter who is looking for extra work. Freya arrives, and she's a cutie! It's clear that both wives are immediately lusting after her. Lilly leaves to go read in the bedroom, but Ryan has something more spicy in mind.

Andi James is a homeowner looking for a bit of extra help with her garden. When she hires Gabriela Lopez to be her gardener, she's thrilled. Gabriela seems so cheerful and nice, and very eager to do the work... In fact, she's secretly eager to do more than work, which Andi will find out soon enough!

Maya Kendrick helpfully returns a parcel to her new neighbor, Jenna Sativa, that was mistakenly sent to her. Jenna is thankful, assuming it's a moisturizer she ordered, and invites Maya inside for a chat to get to know her. But as they idly chat about the moisturizer, Jenna begins opening the parcel... then quickly realizes it's NOT the moisturizer but a strap-on she's ordered instead!

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