When Girls Play 20

Released at: September 29, 2021 by Twistys
Laundry Day Panty Sniffer: It's laundry day for Alexis Deen, which means wearing the only thing clean in her closet-a bikini. But Alexis is no clean freak though, when she finds a pair of her roommate's panties, she sniffs that sweet pussy aroma long and hard until she finds herself so wet she needs a spin cycle of her own. Taking that pretty pink pussy for a spin, Alexis masturbates on top of the washer until she's interrupted by the panty owner herself, her roommate Sierra. Will Sierra be pissed or flattered by her roommate's pervy behavior? If the sounds of Alexis' moans tell you anything, Sierra is using her tongue for much more than a stern talking to. Finders Keepers: Our gorgeous February 2019 Treats of The Month, Brittany Benz and Brooke Benz play a sexy and flirtatious game of Finders keepers with lovely brunette, Lena Paul. With busty Lena sprawled out naked before the Benz sisters, the two start a food fight over who will take the first taste! Blonde Brittany is eager to take a bite out of cute Lena, and creamy-skinned Brooke is ready to pounce! Watch as promiscuous Lena gets a chance with each of these beautiful Treats before all three amazing girls come together in a scene you'll never forget! Paint & Pussy: Petite Holly Hendrix and her new, sexy stepmom Alissa Jayde are painting Holly's dorm room and spending some quality time together. When Latina Holly starts asking about dark-haired Alissa's sex life, the two beauties admit to each other that they've always wanted to experiment with girls. Well, no better place to experiment than college! Soon, the two have stripped naked and are licking, sucking, and Tribbing their way to climax. Young Holly gets her first girl-on-girl experience and stepmom Alissa gets to cum again and again ? talk about a win-win! Pillow Fight: Dark-haired Quinn Wilde is bored in bed and wants to shake things up, but beautiful Zoey Taylor isn't giving her any attention. Playful Quinn knows there's only one thing to do, let loose and start a pillow fight with tanned Zoey! Soon, feathers are flying and these two sweethearts are giving it they're all in their cute, lacey pajamas. Playing soon turns to kiss, touching, and so much more - talk about the ultimate pillow fight fantasy! Mean Pearls: Bombshell Nicolette Shea has a problem with her roommate, it seems that dark-haired Sofi Ryan can't keep her hands off Nicolette's stuff! While Nicolette is in the shower, tanned Sofi sneaks into her room and steals her pearls. Blonde Nicolette decides that's the final straw, it's time to teach her naughty roommate a lesson. If busty Sofi wants to feel Nicolette's beautiful pearls, amazing Nicolette is going to make it an experience she'll never forget!

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