Who's Your Daddy? 3

Released at: September 26, 2003 by Zero Tolerance Films
Daddy's girls will forever cherish our "firsts". Today, I finally learned how to deep throat like the rest of the girls! Daddy always says that for his girls, it's not about who you know...it's who you blow! Just the other day, I let some total stranger cram his huge pecker up my teeny asshole while I swallowed a different boy balls-deep. You should've seen how fast they both came all over my cute outfit, so they took me to the mall and bought me a brand new one! Daddy would have been so proud to see me take two huge cocks on at the same time without a struggle. Next time we're gonna explore my ass and see if it really can take two cocks at the same time like Daddy says it can. Until then, practice makes perfect... By the way, you know he's not my Dad.

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Lucy Lee

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