Wife Watchers 4

Released at: June 29, 2006 by RealTime Films
Real-life wives and husbands...he watches while she gets it on with another man. Or woman. In Wife Watchers, almost all scenes include internal oral cum-shots...the kind that happens in real life. With his dick almost in her mouth, you see the first squirt just before he shoves it in her mouth...deep while he finishes cumming. Then she will open her mouth and show you his load. The husband watches the whole thing...you can too! Scene one This scene pairs Alexis, the very beautiful and sexual 26 year old housewife from volumes 2 & 3 with Flex, a black man with a very large dick. Really erotic, sensual session with great oral as Alexis sucks a black dick for her first time. The scene also includes our standard, wild, pounding missionary fuck session, Alexis' feet flying all over the place, and concludes with an internal oral cum shot as hubby Luke watches his wife take a full load with a black dick inside her mouth. Scene two Kristin is back with her first one-on-one scene with huge-dicked Adam. This is a scene which will be hard to get out of your mind after watching. Really hot...really sensual. Contains all of our trademarks...including a very large load Adam shoots in Kristin's mouth after fucking, with hubby Chris watching. Scene three The two ladies from previous volumes in a girl/girl scene...strictly pussy-eating oral...no toys, just sucking.

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