Wild Job Interview

Released at: May 25, 2021 by Hot Clits
Masie is applying for the position of being Carl's Aide. He describes the salary as $80,000, 40 hours a week, but, on call for other duties as needed. He tells her a lot of other girls are applying for the position. Why should he hire her? She sits down beside Carl and he puts her hand on his leg as he starts touching her thigh. She starts giving him a blow job. Quickly enough, they go to his bedroom and take turns with him eating her pussy and her sucking on him. He starts to fuck her and after a while, he says he can give her the taste test and confirm her for the job. He has her get on her knees and bend over, and he licks her asshole. He says that she passes the test, and she is hired. He Jacks off onto her asshole and licks it up.

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