Woman's Affair, A

Released at: May 13, 2020 by Girlsway
Sovereign Syre is surprised one day when her friend, Marie McCray, shows up unannounced. She blurts out that she had an affair with Sovereign's husband, Sovereign is disappointed instead of angry, which confuses Marie. She was hoping that Marie was ready to confess something else. Cory Chase, Silvia Saige, and Becky Bandini are all celebrating Rachael Cavalli's last night before she becomes a married woman. She's the last in their group of friends to get married, so they're throwing a wild bachelorette party to make sure she goes out with a bang. As Vera King, a divorcee, nervously tries on a dress for her date, Dee Williams compliments and encourages her, insisting that Vera needs a man in her life! Of course, they both know that raising a family would be so much easier if she dated women instead.

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