Young Marrieds, The

Released at: November 6, 2014 by Alpha Blue Archives
Alpha Blue Archives proudly presents a new, digitally mastered release of Ed Wood's XXX erotic swan song ~~The Young Marrieds~~ (1971, 52 min.) Lost for over 40 years and saturated with Wood's low-budget eccentricity and excess, the film triumphs as an explicit sex flick thanks to the frisky innocence of Alice Friedland in one of her few hardcore roles. Eccentric pulp writer and legendary cult director Ed Wood, Jr. was more famously known for his 1950s B-movie classics ~~Plan 9 From Outer Space~~ and ~~Bride Of The Monster~~ (as well his portrayal by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's 1994 biopic ~~Ed Wood~~), but he ended his bizarre life and career as a writer/director of obscure 1970s X-rated films. Packed with rare Alice Friedland extras including the complete feature films ~~Kiss My Analyst~~ (47 min.), ~~Analyze Your Sex~~ (47 min.), ~~The Adventures Of Flash Beaver~~ (63 min.), her lost Diverse Industries solo loop and additional bonus scenes, this DVD is required viewing for both Ed Wood fanatics and vinatage porn historians. Total Running time: 226 min.

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